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  The  Alternative Cancer Therapy with no high pitched-glarring web effects and hundreds of cure-it-all statements ........

          In a nutshell, the nuclear genetic defects typically thought to be responsible for cancer actually occur further downstream. Mitochondrial damage happens first, which then triggers nuclear genetic mutations that may lead to cancer.                     


 Straves Cancer into oblivion by taking advantage of their metabolic inflexibility........                                    


      A simple effective alternative cancer cure from Florence Italy that has been around from the 60's.  Potassium Ascorbate is officially registered now by the Italian Department of Health under a Parliamentary Act of #111 January 1992 and approved for use in cancer patients

My old trusted 33 year old PIPER


My trustred 35 year old but somehow still working PIPER TOMAHAWK that gets me around

Need any help just give me a call +48322587178 and hook up to me - often I am with my patients in Poland or Italy

Here I am from left and my friend and lawyer Giovanni Montalto having a coffee next to the Mestre (Venice) court house, thanks to Giovanni I am still having a coffee outside it's not so much a situation of staying out of jail for practicing alternative cancer treatments that my patients want and need, but getting court-orders to over-ride the hospitals right to choose treatment and permit "the patient" to choose.  The situation as changed around and I can remember years ago in the 90's I sat in my car at Piazzale Roma (tourist parking lot) at Venice and patients lined up to seat in my  car office to get prescriptions!  I am a american doctor living in Italy and Poland, my reason (including my Polish wife Elzbieta) is that I can work here in a quiet way and don't have to worry  probably this is why I have become a ex-patriot!! 

My wife Elzbieta...even if we are in Poland we keep our Italian Style Dinning Habits...Pizza