All cells have a affinity for potassium. Since cancer cells "steal" minerals from healthy cells, cancer cells effectively steal potassium ascorbate. This is the secret action that potassium ascorbate absorbed by cancer cells is getting a so-called "trojan" which at first the cell does not recognize and leads to cell death 


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Briefly summing up:  Potassium Ascorbate is a salt derived from Ascorbic Acid obtained by making a solution in cold water using two separate packets (Ascorbic Acid and Potassium Bicarbonate) in a extremely pure crystalline form (US Pharmacopoeia 98%) you mix each bag together in a glass of water (using a glass or wooden spoon, never a metal one) and take it three times a day on a empty stomach

1) What is Faktor-K-Plus

2) Why are the two indregients so important?

3)Why should I use Faktor-K-Plus?

4) How does it work?

5) Can ascorbic acid or potassium be toxic or harmful to health?

6)Does it have side effects?

7) What effect does it have on high blood pressure?

8) Can I use it, if I have diabetes?

9) For how long should I take it?

10) How should I take it and when?

11) How is it manufactured, capsules or what?

1) Faktor-K-Plus is prepared by mixing seperate sachets of ascorbic acid and potassium bicarbonate at room temperature in a glass of mineral water without gas, the indregientsmust be 99% pure, thus one has prepared one of the most potent antioxidant.

2) As Professor Pantellini prevents and slows down polymerization of the RNA structure.....thus protecting your genetic code from harm and damage.

3) Because there is a lot of evidence that it has a extraordinary action against cancer and regular use slows down the pathology

4) Pantellini assumption was the the opening of the pyrrolic ring on the RNA sturcture in certain cases opens up, giving rise to polymerization (melting) of RNA, the so called beginning phase of a neoplasia and that this ring can sometimes be closed by replacing it with a similiar group fromed by Faktor-K-Plus

5) Ascorbic acid at daily doses of 10 grams can have side effects, but this is about 1000 times the dose that you will be taking, we suggest a daily dose from 0.75 grams to 0.15 grams which re-enters in doses recommended by the F.D.A.

6) It does not have side-effects and can be taken on a long-term basis. It is as usual a good practice to have normal routine blood exams to check levels.

7) Faktor-K-Plus tends to regulate and normalize high blood pressure, there is a program at the University of Bologna studying this. It is always a good practice to measure your blood pressure since it can lower your blood pressure and then you can adjust use of drugs that you are taking.

8) Yes you can take it if you are diabetic, but remember that that there are many pateints who have reported normalization of their high sugar levels, so it is important to routinely check sugar levels and adjust the dose of insulin-type-drugs that you are taking.

9) Professor Pantellini suggested that it should be taken for long periods of time, because one of its actions is cleaning out free-radicals with is a daily task for out bodies. At best it is a good practice to take if for a 2-3 months and stop for 2-3 weeks and then take another cycle., if it is being taken for prevention. For those on a curative dose it should be taken always without interruptions.

10) Since the indregients can quickly degrade, one has to prepare the solution at the time it is to be taken (Don't let the product stand around for later use). This is because the presence of light in time will degrade it and because it quickly absorbs water from the atmosphere. This is why the product is packed in air- sealed, water tight, opaque sachets.

11) As we said...the ingredients have to kept separate until the time of mixing togehter and safeguarded from light and humity. With capsules or tablets light and humdity can get through and effect the product.